16 03 2010

I had some issues with my web host recently, and i lost all new and old emails from when i switched my email client from POP3 to IMAP (a few weeks ago). Also, i switched my email address to so please dont use my old email address anymore, i will not get it as the domain expired.
If you are awaiting a response from me, please resend your last email because i probably didnt see it.
Sorry for the inconvenience!


Some Shop Photos

22 02 2010

Well i’ve been working hard making tooling, building/rebuilding machines, and organizing the shop. Here’s some pictures of what i’ve done. Unfortunately i cant really share the tooling pics because i’m working on a patent for my quick-change pallet system, but machine pics are not a problem.
My floating desk. It swings up to the ceiling in case i need it out of the way for something.

My newly built CNC lathe. This is mostly what took me so long.

FINALLY got a legit air compressor.

My wall of fame. This is to remind me that i used to have time to ride, and i should make more time to do it. Also in this picture is Tom. He’s a big fan of mine.

A couple more pics of my cnc lathe.

A couple videos of the toolchangers i got working on my cnc lathe and cnc mill. It was a bigger ordeal than i expected. I had to learn to write ladder diagrams. They both do work awesome though, and save me TONS of time. Dont mind all the mess, i had just ran some parts.


2 02 2010

Ok, after a loooong hiatis to get machines, tooling, and buisness stuff in order for more production, i am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The biggest things are done and out of the way, and all that’s left is stuff that isnt exactly rocket surgery. Or brain science.
REALLY looking forward to reopening. I have the date set for MARCH 8, 2010.
I’d like it to be sooner, but i have family visiting at the end of Feb and it just makes more sense to wait till they leave. I’d really like to spend some time with them since it’s really been quite a while.
Stay tuned for pictures and videos!

Major update, please read!!!

30 11 2009

Here’s a bit of an update, I’ve come to the realization that I’m not going to get ahead the way I’m doing things. I need to do some serious machine upgrades like converting my mill from stepper motors to servos, getting my automatic tool changer working, along with some multi piece fixturing. I also need to come up with a quick change pallet system for my tooling. Lastly, i have to come up with a real website with a web store and get a real inventory/part number system going with my quickbooks so i don’t waste unnecessary time looking through paypal and emails trying to log orders, which isn’t exactly foolproof. I’ve been trying to do all this while I’m running parts but it’s impossible to keep up with production and make any significant progress. It’s just me here, and answering emails alone is practically a full time job. So with that said, I’ve decided to close shop [B]TEMPORARILY[/B], probably for about a month or less, till i get to where i want to be with the equipment, and so i can possibly hire someone to help out. I do not want to be like other small manufacturers who have ridiculous lead times and/or waiting lists just for a cog, which is the direction things have been heading. It also doesn’t help that I’m overly optimistic of what i can do in a day.
Hopefully you guys understand and will stick with me once I’m up and rolling. It’s important to me that you know that I’m not giving up or losing interest, it’s actually quit the opposite. I’ve already spent far more than I’ve made on this, not even including time, and I’m about to spend quite a bit more.
My goal for all this is to maintain a good quality part for a reasonable price while keeping it simple, modest, honest, and about the sport.
Thanks alot for all your business and check my blog in the future for progress updates.

PS: This does not effect current orders, i am currently wrapping up the last of them before i start.

San Diego Tour De Fat

2 10 2009

Homebrewed Components will be at the San Diego Tour De Fat this weekend (Saturday)
Look for me on my rootbeer rig. You’ll recognize my brown spiderless chainring and the new ti and aluminum cog prototype pictured in the post below. Feel free to stop by and check out the stuff!

New Cog Prototype

2 10 2009

In the works are several new cogs. I am now offering threaded cogs for those running BMX type hubs. These are released and avalible for purchase. Also, i am making a 2 piece cog with an aluminum spider and ti or stainless teeth. This helps bring the weight down considerably over a standard stainless steel cog, but you still get the longevity. This expecially helps out on larger cogs. You’d save about 25g on a 20t over a standard stainless. Also, this allows you to have cool anodized colors that you normally couldnt get with steel or ti. The actual steel or ti piece (ti in these pictures, 18t) is an actual press fit onto the aluminium spider around the pins and into the pockets. It is captured in there so you actually have both the pins and the pockets driving, instead of just the pins. Then the pins are swedged to keep the cog from coming off.
These pins are also machined from the spider, so it’s all one piece to give it strength instead of drilling holes and using rivets.
The release date on these will be in about 1-2 weeks.
They have a 5mm base, offset to one side.

Did a little pre-ride of part of the San Jacinto Enduro race course

14 09 2009

So a couple friends of mine; Dave, from Pedal One Long; and Brendan from Siren Bicycles ; along with a few other new acquaintances of mine pre-rode part of the San Jacinto Enduro this weekend. They are the guys putting it on, so it was cool to be part of the exploration of the course. If you decide to race it, be prepared for an ass-kicker. There are some really nice views along with a beer pit stop along the way, so i think the suffering will be worth it.
Here’s a couple teaser pics of Brendan (top) and myself (bottom) trying a new line he discovered around a fairly large pebble. Look forward to lots of techy fun singletrack with a fair share of obstacles. definitely not your typical Socal race course.