homebrewedcomponents.com will be down for scheduled maintenance

7 03 2011

i’m changing web hosts so http://www.homebrewedcomponents.com will be down for the evening, including email. sorry for the inconvenience!



11 responses

2 07 2011

Hi I have been emailing and did not get a responce back yet. Are you guys still in buiesness ? I was wanting to order a 31t chain ring 104 bcd for my bike.

23 02 2012

I ordered my aluminum, direct-mount (on carbon SRAM cranksets) sprocket 2 months ago, and it still hasn’t been sent.

I asked 3 weeks ago if I could change my order to a different size, and he said yes; I assume that he had not had it made at that time. I believe he still has not, looking at the fact that there has not been even 1 response since then.

7 03 2012

I ordered a bash guard for my SRAM X0 last Jan. 26, 2012. But untill now have not received my order. I send an email for follow up, no response yet.

11 05 2012

I ordered a chainring and two chaintensioners back in OCTOBER and I´m still waiting. Emailed homebrewed back in January, but no response. Would like to get my money back or actually get what I ordered in the first place.

16 05 2012
Tony Smith

I have ordered a chain ring eight weeks ago, mailed for an update but no reply.Suspect that i might not be happy at the end of this….

28 05 2012

I have put in a paypal claim as I made 3 requests for information which were ignored.

I will now have to escalate my claim as the promised refund is not forthcoming. This is a rubbish way to do business…

21 09 2012

Frankly I’m not impressed with the service so far. I concede that I have to wait for what claims to be a quality product. I feel the lack of communication is very unprofessional and does not bode well for future business.

17 10 2012
Mr. T. Sauve

Anybody have a phone number for HomeBrew Components? I ordered and paid for a chainring and its been 2 months now and I haven’t received anything or gotten a reply via email.

13 11 2012
Chris Rishell

2 months? Hell I’m 10 days shy of 7 months. Waiting for an 18t cog! Just ridiculous! No response to emails…NOTHING. Can’t believe this guy! Don’t fall for it people. You will get ripped off!

11 12 2012
Roger Toubeaux

I’ve been waiting for a 20 t s/s cog since june 2012. I’ve sent him many emails (tonight the latest) to homebrewed’s status address but no response at all. Dan has my money and my cog. I’m practically begging him to make the business transaction right, but to no avail as yet. Not good for any future business from me, and I recommended him to my riding buddies.

1 05 2013

is this guy still in business, i ordered something on 12/20 and still have not recieved it. I emailed several times and still have not gotten a response. My emails are getting returned, looks like i geto beat out of 112.00. i wouldn’t order from this site it doesn’t appear he is actually making anymore product. I am going to see if i can call my credit card and get charges reversed and report to the better business.

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