Product Updates!

12 12 2010

major product updates:

After just finally getting caught up after the holiday rush and a couple group buys, i took today to tinker with some designs i’ve been working on.

I changed the design of my cogs a bit. My splines are shaped more in the typical fashion, similar to Chris King’s. This is to avoid confusion, as i always get asked if they’re compatible with Shimano type hubs. The spline is still CNC milled, and will be pretty much the same fit. There is extra clearance in some areas to allow for the radius, but not where it will effect fit at all. They will still be just as round. This will take effect on all cogs.

Also, i redesigned my 2 piece cogs. I widened the base a hair, and i now use stainless steel pins to hold the teeth to the aluminum hub. It’s stronger, and the weight difference is only about 4g (mostly from widening the base). It also helps me control quality a little better.

Lastly, I have been playing with engraving the chainrings. It’s a little bit if a hassle, but i’m working on dialing it in. What do you guys think?



4 responses

11 05 2011

Nice products! Just what I need, components which entice you toward another build. The engraving is sweet. The two piece cogs are huh, I kind of get it.

31 05 2011

I would really like to see small, subtle printing of sizing on both rings and cogs. But hey, I got fingers and toes.

18 12 2011

The engravings look nice! But how wide is wide on the cogs?

17 10 2012
That Guy

Anybody have a phone number for HomeBrew Components? I ordered and paid for a chainring and its been 2 months now and I haven’t received anything or gotten a reply via email.

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