It’s been a long time….

12 07 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. Things have been so crazy since i reopened that i really just haven’t had time. As some of you might have read on MTBR, i had a few equipment setbacks that really threw a wrench in things, but all that seems to be ironed out and I’m just about caught up. In fact, this week i expect to be ahead of schedule if progress keeps moving the way is has.
Anodizing was one of the issues, but i seemed to have found a reliable way to keep at the right temperature, which has made all the difference in the world. It’s amazing how much smoother things go once you don’t have to constantly mess with something.
Also, the toolchanger on my mill died recently. Normally i would say “no big deal, i’ll just change tools by hand”. Well, the power drawbar is part of the toolchanger, meaning i couldn’t even get the tools out of the spindle. What a headache that was. This toolchanger was the last thing on the mill that still had 30 year old electronics. I had integrated it in to the new controller before i reopened and it was working ok, but occasionally it was a bit quirky. It appears that alot of the solder joints were broken and one, being a snubber capacitor, caused a relay to contact weld itself closed, and “let the smoke out” in a blaze of sparks and glory.
At this point, i decided it was time to do what i had been planning to do after i caught up on work, which was gut all the old logic boards in the toolchanger and throw in a bunch of solid state relays then control them with my cnc controller. This makes for a much more reliable setup since all the logic is done in a program created by a ladder diagram, so there is little to no physical components to burn up. Also, i was able to custom tune the timing of everything to dial it in so it is now MUCH faster and doesn’t throw tools anymore.

Lastly, if you read all that, you deserve a prize. I will be offering 20% off solid titanium cogs for a limited quantity with a guarantee that they will go in the mail within 2 weeks of purchase*. I need to limit the quantity so i can keep that promise, so make sure you get in before the deal runs out.
Enter promo code MTBR at checkout for the discount.

*promise is only for the cog. If you’re ordering more than just the ti cogs, it may affect the delivery date.




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