Some Shop Photos

22 02 2010

Well i’ve been working hard making tooling, building/rebuilding machines, and organizing the shop. Here’s some pictures of what i’ve done. Unfortunately i cant really share the tooling pics because i’m working on a patent for my quick-change pallet system, but machine pics are not a problem.
My floating desk. It swings up to the ceiling in case i need it out of the way for something.

My newly built CNC lathe. This is mostly what took me so long.

FINALLY got a legit air compressor.

My wall of fame. This is to remind me that i used to have time to ride, and i should make more time to do it. Also in this picture is Tom. He’s a big fan of mine.

A couple more pics of my cnc lathe.

A couple videos of the toolchangers i got working on my cnc lathe and cnc mill. It was a bigger ordeal than i expected. I had to learn to write ladder diagrams. They both do work awesome though, and save me TONS of time. Dont mind all the mess, i had just ran some parts.




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