Major update, please read!!!

30 11 2009

Here’s a bit of an update, I’ve come to the realization that I’m not going to get ahead the way I’m doing things. I need to do some serious machine upgrades like converting my mill from stepper motors to servos, getting my automatic tool changer working, along with some multi piece fixturing. I also need to come up with a quick change pallet system for my tooling. Lastly, i have to come up with a real website with a web store and get a real inventory/part number system going with my quickbooks so i don’t waste unnecessary time looking through paypal and emails trying to log orders, which isn’t exactly foolproof. I’ve been trying to do all this while I’m running parts but it’s impossible to keep up with production and make any significant progress. It’s just me here, and answering emails alone is practically a full time job. So with that said, I’ve decided to close shop [B]TEMPORARILY[/B], probably for about a month or less, till i get to where i want to be with the equipment, and so i can possibly hire someone to help out. I do not want to be like other small manufacturers who have ridiculous lead times and/or waiting lists just for a cog, which is the direction things have been heading. It also doesn’t help that I’m overly optimistic of what i can do in a day.
Hopefully you guys understand and will stick with me once I’m up and rolling. It’s important to me that you know that I’m not giving up or losing interest, it’s actually quit the opposite. I’ve already spent far more than I’ve made on this, not even including time, and I’m about to spend quite a bit more.
My goal for all this is to maintain a good quality part for a reasonable price while keeping it simple, modest, honest, and about the sport.
Thanks alot for all your business and check my blog in the future for progress updates.

PS: This does not effect current orders, i am currently wrapping up the last of them before i start.




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