New Cog Prototype

2 10 2009

In the works are several new cogs. I am now offering threaded cogs for those running BMX type hubs. These are released and avalible for purchase. Also, i am making a 2 piece cog with an aluminum spider and ti or stainless teeth. This helps bring the weight down considerably over a standard stainless steel cog, but you still get the longevity. This expecially helps out on larger cogs. You’d save about 25g on a 20t over a standard stainless. Also, this allows you to have cool anodized colors that you normally couldnt get with steel or ti. The actual steel or ti piece (ti in these pictures, 18t) is an actual press fit onto the aluminium spider around the pins and into the pockets. It is captured in there so you actually have both the pins and the pockets driving, instead of just the pins. Then the pins are swedged to keep the cog from coming off.
These pins are also machined from the spider, so it’s all one piece to give it strength instead of drilling holes and using rivets.
The release date on these will be in about 1-2 weeks.
They have a 5mm base, offset to one side.




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